O.LIFE Privacy Policy

1. General

This Privacy Policy defines the rules for processing data of O.LIFE (hereinafter – the Messenger) users submitted thereby or made accessible through the Messenger (hereinafter – the Policy).

Users may use the Messenger only after they agree to this Policy posted at https://o.life/legal/privacypolicy. By accessing and/or using the Messenger the user agrees to this Policy as amended as of the time of the Messenger use.

2. Data We Process and Where We Transfer Data

By accepting the terms and conditions of this Policy and using the Messenger the user agrees to the processing of his/her data, as well as additional information that becomes accessible to the developer through the Messenger, particularly:

  • User credentials. i.e. information submitted by the user to register with the Messenger, particularly, telephone number and other data specified in the fields of the questionnaire. The Messenger developer may or may not validate data submitted.
  • Additional user information that becomes accessible to the Messenger developer in the course of interaction between the user’s device and the Messenger, particularly, data on technical means (devices) and ways of technological interaction (including the host address, type of the user’s operating system and browser, geographic location, data on the Internet service provider and other), user’s contacts, activity, and other data collected in the above-mentioned ways.

The user hereby agrees to the developer’s collection, storage, accumulation, sistematisation, retrieval, collation, use, specification, as well as transfer (including trans-border transfer) of the above-mentioned data to affiliated persons and partners of the Messenger developer to the extent necessary to support the Messenger’s operation and provide user access to its functions and in accordance with the applicable law.

The Messenger developer may also transfer the above-mentioned data to the state authorities at their request or on its own initiative if there is evidence that the user’s actions are in conflict with the applicable law, third party rights or the Messenger developer’s interests.

The user’s data are processed beginning the time of registration and until the time of discontinuation of using the Messenger unless the Messenger functions and/or the applicable law require otherwise.

The user may revoke his/her consent to the above-mentioned data processing by sending a note to the Messenger developer. The relevant data will be deleted or the Messenger developer will stop to use them for the above-mentioned purposes after the user proves that he/she is the owner of the Messenger account. To this effect, as soon as such data are deleted or not used by the Messenger developer any longer, the user may be unable to access some Messenger functions (in full or in part).

3. Applicable Law

User data are processed in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation.

4. Scope of Application

The Messenger developer reserves the right to amend this Policy. A new version hereof comes into force immediately after it is posted at https://o.life/legal/privacypolicy. The user must on a regular basis read new versions of this Policy and stop to use the Messenger if he/she disagrees therewith.

5. Contact Us

If you wish to give the Messenger developer your feedback on the privacy principles stipulated hereby, please, do not hesitate to send your message to support@o.life.